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Gabriela Daboub

Co-founder & CEO

With a diverse background spanning various roles in business and operations, I serve as the co-founder and CEO of This HR tool revolutionizes talent acquisition by enabling seamless access to Latin American talent while automating payroll and benefits processes for international contractor teams without the need for multiple global entities. Additionally, I am an active member of the Sigma Squared Society, where I contribute to empowering the most ambitious founders under the age of 26. Armed with a degree in Business Engineering from ESEN and enriched by my participation in the Makers Fellowship, I have cultivated expertise in business engineering. Throughout my career journey, I've assumed roles such as Junior Product Owner at N1CO, Marketing Analyst at Strike, and internships in Operations at Applaudo Studios and OMD Worldwide. This combination of practical experience and academic foundation equips me to adeptly navigate and innovate within the realm of business challenges with ingenuity and effectiveness.

About Jobbi

Jobbi is a marketplace of qualified freelance talent in the categories of technology, marketing, and design. We help you create on-demand teams to take your business to the next level.

With you can streamline your access to Latam Talent:
• Recruit pre-qualified “jobbers” either for open positions or project based.
• Hire international contractors easy and without opening multiple entities.
• Automate payroll and worker’s benefits, pay your team in just 1 monthly transaction.