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Héctor Meza

Co-founder & COO at Kazu Real Estate

Business administrator graduate with a focus on technological entrepreneurship. After working for six years in a foundation dedicated to helping the community, I developed a passion for the tech industry. I started working as a business developer for a technology company with customers from the United States and Latin America. I have recently had the opportunity to venture off and start developing some personal technological projects. My new endeavor is to facilitate the introduction of cryptocurrencies in Latin America.

About KAZU Real Estate

Kazu is the digital platform that provides holistic solutions to the real estate market in Latin America. Landlords, tenants, clients, and real estate agents use our platform to achieve their real estate goals in a secure, transparent, and effective manner.

We believe in the power of digitizing traditional real estate services to optimize attention to our users. That's why in 2022, we developed the first mobile application dedicated exclusively to the marketing of houses, apartments, and land in Central America and the Caribbean; also being the platform to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for the buying and selling of real estate.

Our formula for success is based on the technology behind our platform, attention to your needs from our team of agents, and years of experience navigating the real estate market.