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Juan David Hernández

Co-founder and Director at DiiMO Technologies

As a passionate Telecom professional and startup founder with over 15 years of experience, I've continuously navigated the dynamic Telecom landscape, from expanding markets in Central America to pioneering user-centric product development strategies. My journey, fueled by a relentless pursuit of growth and innovation, led me to pursue an MBA at INCAE Business School, refining my strategic acumen and leadership prowess.

I've been at the forefront of bridging markets with user-centric solutions, orchestrating impactful promotional campaigns for major brands and driving product success through resonant strategies. However, it was the culmination of these experiences that propelled me towards founding a tech-driven startup aimed at revolutionizing micro lending. My mission is to make micro lending accessible to underserved populations on an unprecedented scale.

With a background in Telecom and a strategic mindset, I'm equipped to craft solutions that truly serve the masses. Let's connect and explore synergies to leverage innovation for positive change and community empowerment. Reach out if you're interested in joining forces to drive meaningful impact.

About Diimo

Our goal is to offer financial inclusion to small businesses, emerging entrepreneurs, workers and self-employed people who are or are not part of the formal banking system in the region. Using self developed technology, data analysis, alternative credit analysis and emerging forms of payment, which will allow us to operate with lower costs and giving people the possibility of requesting a loan at any time from where they are, with credit approval in minutes and with the advantage of having hundreds of agents nationwide from mobile wallet operators for the withdrawal and payment of their loans.