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Ricardo Cuéllar

Co-Founder of N1CO

Born and raised in El Salvador and armed with a business degree from UNC, Ricky Cuellar emerges as a dynamic leader and serial entrepreneur, navigating diverse industries from last-mile delivery to digital banking and entertainment. By founding Hugo App and serving as its CFO, Ricky orchestrated the region's most significant tech company exit by consolidating their last-mile delivery operations across six countries, reaching more than 1.3 million users, and processing over $1 billion.

Now serving as CFO at n1co, Ricky stays true to his mission of boosting prosperity in Central America and the Caribbean enabling to raise one of the most successful Pre-Seed financing rounds. His influence grows as an angel investor and advisor to numerous startups across the region through his newly founded VC fund.

About N1CO

N1CO seeks to build a more prosperous society by digitizing and simplifying daily transactions, generating an ecosystem that integrates more people into the financial future of the region.